oVirt: Unlock Virtual Disks

So every now and then, a clone operation will break on oVirt. However, it will often leave the source machine in a locked state, unable to be used. Luckily, the solution is pretty simple. All you need to do is ssh into the oVirt-engine machine and run the following.

Unlock all disks 
/usr/share/ovirt-engine/setup/dbutils/unlock_entity.sh -t all

Unlock specific VM disk
/usr/share/ovirt-engine/setup/dbutils/unlock_entity.sh -t vm UUID_OF_VM

Just wait a little bit and the disks should be unlocked.

About: Ryan Parker

I am former captain of the Cyber Defense team form Cal State San Bernardino. I also have a side job helping small to medium business with anything technology, including but not limited to servers, networking, and end user devices. One of my hobbies is building out infrastructures for myself, friends, and clients. I current maintain a VMware ESXi cluster with about 280GB of RAM, with a 10Gbit network as backbone.

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