Author: Rob Hancock

While most of my professional experience comes from working with virtualized infrastructure, I have previously written for a technology column at my university’s newspaper. Working on various electronics projects is also something I enjoy doing.

Useful Bash One-liners

Below is a collection of useful Bash one-liners that we have come across and use semi-often (or at least often enough to not want to lose them). Honestly we mostly made this just in case we need them again and have lost them elsewhere, but hopefully they end up helping some of you as well!
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Useful Resources for Windows Admins

The following applications/resources have been found to be useful when working with the Windows operating system, and should make the job of any Windows administrator easier.     1. simplewall – An extension of Windows Firewall, this program allows for on demand blocking/allowing of inbound/outbound network connections.   2. ShutUp10 – An application which provides
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