Author: Ryan Parker

I'm a former captain of the Cyber Defense team, Current Infrastructure Security Specialist. I also have a side job helping small to medium business with anything technology doing everything imaginable. One of my hobbies is building out infrastructures for myself, friends, and clients. I current maintain a homelab with about 400GB of RAM, 100+ TB of storage, and tons of CPU cores.

Dell R710 Last SUU / SUM Bootable ISO

Since dell so rudely removed the updates from SUM, Here is the last iso you could build from it. Just boot into it and it should install all of the firmware updates, like idrac, lifecycle controller, raid card, etc. Just be warned… it will take awhile.   Enjoy or (If link is broken)

OSSEC: How to Install OSSEC Agent and Server on Linux

Each distro needs different packages to compile the code there are pre-made binaries available, Build Dependencies Each distro needs different packages to compile the code Install the appropriate packages for you distro. I’ll update them as I discover them Ubuntu 16-18 apt install -y unzip build-essential zlib1g-dev libsqlite3-dev libpcre2-dev wget unzip make gcc php php-cli
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OSSEC: How to Install the Windows Agent

Get the windows binary from atomicorp. At the time of writing, the latest is 3.6.0. Download and install the exe. During the installation, you will get an error. Ignore it.   Next, we need to download the libpcre2-8-0.dll from the git-sdk-64 Github page in mingw32/bin/libpcre2-8-0.dll and stick it in the osscec-agent folder at C:\Program
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