Author: Bailey Kasin

I build virtual environments and challenges for Cybersecurity students to complete as a way to gain experience before graduating and entering the workforce.

Ubuntu: Change from 32 Bit to 64 Bit (Mostly)

Tested on Ubuntu 16.04. Here are the commands, life story and explanation is below: echo foreign-architecture amd64 | tee /etc/dpkg/dpkgcfgd/multiarch dpkg --add-architecture amd64 apt update apt install linux-image-4.15.0-50:amd64 apt install gcc-multilib apt upgrade (Reboot, make sure you boot on to the new kernel), and then set sources.list to only have amd64 (Put [ arch=amd64 ]
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Useful Bash One-liners

Below is a collection of useful Bash one-liners that we have come across and use semi-often (or at least often enough to not want to lose them). Honestly we mostly made this just in case we need them again and have lost them elsewhere, but hopefully they end up helping some of you as well!
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